Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Changing your life for better

‘Most Americans do not know what their strengths are. When you ask them, they look at you with a blank stare, or they respond in terms of subject knowledge, which is the wrong answer.’ 
- Peter Drucker

‘To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life.’ 
- Baruch Spinoza

People are hoping and waiting for someone somewhere to come to their rescue, wave a magic wand and instantaneously change their life for the better. Some people are praying for a lottery. One could win a lottery but by doing so, he is putting millions of people to distress. In economics, lottery money is black money.
No person could rise to the top levels of management without much effort and hard work. Daydreaming and hoping to one day rise to the top without effort and patience will not materialize at any cost.
We have seen that some are hiding in the background and going after religious help to achieve their goals. One should remember that doing any of the above will not make your dreams come true.
If you are tired of hoping and endlessly waiting for something positive to happen or someone to come to your rescue, make a deliberate decision today to take charge of your own life and begin to lead a fulfilled and productive life.

How can you turn a dream into reality?

Turn your dream into reality by putting into words EXACTLY what you want to achieve. Focus on specifics and come up with a tangible goal. Write it all down! Make sure that you are passionate enough about your goal so that you are willing to put in enough sacrifice and make enough compromises to achieving it.
Be ambitious in creating your goal, so that it is high enough to motivate you and inspire you to take action. However, do not be too ambitious as failure may easily set you back. Below are five things to consider as you decide to change your life for the better.

Adding value to yourself

Adding values to yourself will make you a worthy person. Value yourself, your life and your time. Value what you represent. Don’t compromise what you are worth for anything.
Your current position may not accurately define who you are, but if you place a high value on yourself, you will not only have greater expectations for yourself, but also be open to more possibilities and opportunities.
People who place a high value on themselves can confidently walk into any arena of success and take their place comfortably. They fit right in because this is what they have been waiting for their whole lives and they know that they deserve it!

Judging yourself

The most difficult thing in our life is the judging yourself. Judging yourself is much more difficult than judging others. If you succeed in judging yourself accurately, then you are indeed a man of true wisdom. Self analysis is a check-up we perform on ourselves. To reach the right conclusions and to form a correct picture and opinion of yourself, you have to arrive at a correct diagnosis.
Most problems people have in their lives are created by themselves. Some are caused by wrong attitudes, some by unrealistic expectation, some by lack of purpose, persistence and knowledge. One thing you must remember is that if you work hard or study hard and give your best, you will be rewarded.

Take responsibility for your own destiny

Be practical and stop expecting other people to rescue you from distress. People can only do so much…the rest is up to you and your God given abilities and resolve. Get rid of the dependency syndrome! It incapacitates and blinds you from doing great things with your life and getting the success you so much yearn for. If you are not going to be the recipient of a large inheritance or if you have not yet won the lottery, begin to do the right thing by charting your own road map to success and working intelligently, meticulously and persistently to achieve your success.

Stop doing what does not work

If you desire to change your life for the better…take a minute to consider specific aspects of your life over the last three years. Have you seen any improvement in your business? Have you lost weight? Are you still working at the same place that stifles your creative abilities? Are you still in the dreaming phase of that project you wanted to accomplish? Are you still procrastinating about going back to school? Are you still doing the same things that produce unproductive and dissatisfying results?
How much longer can you keep doing the same things that do not work? You only have one life to live and if you plan to live a fulfilled life, stop doing what does not work, start doing the things that work and change your life for the better.

Take a definite tangible step today

Changing your life for the better means doing something today that produces results! If you can not take radical steps, take small deliberate steps towards the change you desire. One of the greatest impediments to success is procrastination. It is so often used as an excuse for inaction to the point that it has become so mind-numbing!
No one wants to hear that the only reason why you have not managed to turn your idea into reality is because you have been procrastinating! People want to stand and cheer for the doer and the achiever who has taken positive steps to improve the quality of their lives.
These are the inspiring stories that we read about everyday and you too can be that story.
What is life without a string of challenges and problems thrown into your lap? Everyone faces challenges in life, regardless of age, gender or economic status. From the very young age up to the ripe old age everyone faces challenges almost every day in life. It is a fact that the bigger your life’s goal, the greater your challenge. Facing and overcoming any problem requires some amount of maturity, understanding and a solid strategy.

Lal Fonseka Productivity Consultant, Brandix Lanka Limited

Courtesy - Daily News