Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Be realistic when you want to look younger

When we make an effort to look younger than we really are, sometimes we dress up in a manner inappropriate for our age.  Certain clothes may make us look younger than we really are and certain other clothes may make us look as if we are trying hard to be young.  Therefore it is advisable to dress appropriately. 

Most of us like to keep in touch with fashion at all times although some of us prefer just wearing what we think looks good on them.  Also keep in mind that you don’t make the mistake that many women do and wear something totally old fashioned.  Wear something that is classy or current though it may not be the latest trend. Wearing clothes that are hopelessly old-fashioned does make you look older than you really are.
Even, if you feel as though you are in your teens when you are in your thirties, try not to dress like a teenager.  You don’t need to try to look young if you are in your thirties since you are young!  Just strive to look your best.
Severe hairstyles make you look older than softer ones.  When you tie up all your hair in a tight bun, you will look older than if you leave your hair loose.  But if the ends of your hair are not proper you better make it shorter.
If you are getting rid of excessive weight it will not only make you look and feel better, it will also make you look and feel younger.  Sometimes although if a person of your age  is slimmer, that person will definitely look younger than you, the overweight person.
You can also make sure that you go to a spa once a month in order to freshen yourself.   It is appropriate to make a note of the things you want to get done at a spa.  Budget it and see whether it is affordable.  Then you can get in to a routine where you have time for yourself to look smarter.
Be careful, when you use make-up.  Read books on how to do make-up and get yourself trained in this area since you might look older than you are by using make-up inappropriately.  For example the size of the eye-brow, colour of your eye-shadow, the lipstick colour, lip liner, creams you use, etc. should be applied properly to give you a better look.  If not you’ll look unnatural and you’ll look older than your age.
We’re dying to look younger.  Be careful, with your choice.
Courtesy - Daily Mirror