Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Holiday: Romantic Christmas escapade

‘What Women Want' and 'Something's Gotta Give' writer-director Nancy Meyers' 2006 movie The Holiday deserves to be on the Christmas wish list of all those who enjoy a good laugh and romance.

Putting Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet in lead roles proves that the movie has the ingredients of a winning formula. Diaz and Winslet play two women on the opposite ends of the world: Los Angeles and London. They are the complete opposite in personalities and lifestyles but they both share a common problem: they are both losers in love.

Amanda is a wealthy, workaholic and neurotic movie trailer producer who begins the season by throwing out her boyfriend who had cheated on her. Iris is a compassionate journalist who tries to get over the heartbreak of learning that the man that she has hopelessly been in love with for years is getting engaged to another woman. Both women do not look forward to spending a lonely Christmas in familiar surroundings. So they decide to take a break in a land far off from home by exchanging their houses for two weeks. The deal is discussed and sealed online and both women transport themselves to their new environs.

Hell-bent on relaxing and spending quality time exclusive of men the duo are delighted with their first take on their holiday dwellings but soon discover that after exploring they have nothing much to do. Soon two men are sent to rescue them from boredom and help them find true love.

Amanda meets Iris' charming brother Graham while Iris stumbles upon Amanda's colleague, movie score composer Miles. Amanda and Graham's romance takes a whirlwind start while Miles befriends Iris and ultimately wins her heart. When all seems rosy reality begins to sink in. Amanda and Iris will have to give up their little pieces of heaven and return back to their normal life once their holiday is over.

The harsh reality of the tale is one reason why the audience does not budge from their seats. Another of its success formulas lie in its stellar cast. All the lead characters play their roles beautifully. You cannot help loving them for the manner in which they are portrayed in all their bubbly glory. There are some genuinely funny moments in The Holiday. The manner in which Iris finds out about the relationship between her brother, Graham, and her tenant, Amanda, deserves a few chuckles. Amanda hallucinating her own life story as a series of corny film trailers is another instance which leaves us giggling in our seats.

Though the two big names which take on the limelight are Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Jack Black shine as well. Therefore The Holiday is more of a movie which can be viewed by couples rather than a chick flick which you would reserve for a girls' night out. Since the festive atmosphere too is evident, this is a perfect time to snuggle under the covers and enjoy this heartwarming tale as the vacation time unfurls.

Ruwini JAYAWARDANA - Daily News