Monday, June 20, 2011


1. Is your doctor registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council?
2. Is your doctor kind and caring towards you?
3. Does your doctor listen to you attentively and give clear answers to your questions?
4. Does your doctor make you feel comfortable and spend sufficient time with you to have a meaningful discussion about your health concerns, even when extremely busy?
5. Does your doctor explain the steps of management and the follow up action necessary for your good health, together with their likely consequences?
6. Does your doctor explain the effects and side / adverse effects of the drugs prescribed and write the prescriptions and relevant instructions legibly?
7. Does your doctor provide a satisfactory service that you can afford?
8. Does your doctor refer you to another doctor, hospital or a relevant service in time when your problem is difficult to solve?
9.Does your doctor promptly inform you when an error is made during care ?
10. Is your doctor accessible in an emergency ?
** Look for the above qualities whenever selecting a doctor for you and for your family.
1. Be considerate about other patients too when you visit your doctor
2. When visiting your doctor – be sure to take all your medical records, make sure you take all the medicine you have been taking, make special mention if you have any allergies.
3. Listen to your doctor’s advice carefully and if anything is not clear ask the doctor again. Preferably have a family member of a friend accompany you to the consultation
4. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, make sure your doctor aware of the fact at the consultation.
5. Check the accuracy of the medicine you buy from the pharmacy and compare with the prescription looking in particular for the generic name (not brand name) of the drug and the expiry date.
6. Take your medicine according to instructions given by your doctor regarding the dose, frequency and duration. Do not stop taking the medicine half way.
7. Always buy medicine on a prescription except for simple pain killers like paracetamol.
8. Avoid buying medicine on old prescriptions without your doctor’s advice. Do not use medicine prescribed for others and also do not give medicine prescribed for you to others.
9. While taking the medicine, if you experience any uneasiness, develop an allergic reaction or your condition become worse, stop the medicine and inform the doctor immediately
10. Always obtain a referral letter from your doctor before you consult a specialist and when you go for investigation
11. It is your interest to avoid doctors who are tired and over worked.
** Help your doctor to help you