Thursday, August 04, 2011

Sri Lankans complain against FB

 Sri Lankan officials said Wednesday that they have received more than 1,000 complaints against the social media network facebook. 

The U.S.-based facebook is popular in Sri Lanka and is used extensively by locals both young and old as well as by several local institutions and companies.

However a Sri Lankan government-run agency said it continued to receive complaints of users abusing facebook by hacking into other people's accounts or copying images.

"We have received over 1,000 complaints against facebook. We advise facebook users to complain to the U.S. company if they feel their privacy has been violated. If facebook does not respond then we will investigate," Rohana Palliyaguru, senior information security engineer of the Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Response unit told Xinhua.

The agency has been receiving complaints of people hacking into profiles of young girls and changing their status, taking their pictures and creating fake profiles and threatening users for ransom.

Officials also said that some of the most serious cases are being investigated by the Sri Lankan police criminal investigations unit.