Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh... To be Young & Healthy

Have you seen Sewwandi recently? She gets sweeter and better looking day by day! How does she do it? More to the point, why can’t we do it? What is the secret Sewwandi has that we don’t have?
Well I am sure it is nothing very profound. If we think for a minute most probably we will get the idea of how to look better but the difference between most of us and Sewwandi may be that she actually practices what she believes to be good for the health. How many of us can say that?!
Take sleep for instance. All of us know we cannot do without sleep for too long. It is so important that many military giants are experimenting how to curtail the need for sleep in their soldiers. Sleep regulates your body's metabolism and helps you stay fresh. Recharges your batteries as it were! Although the quota of sleep required may vary from person to person, 6-8 hours sleep daily will help you not only attain healthy and younger looking skin but also allow you to go on with life without falling asleep mid-way!!
Then we go to the other end! Just 30 minutes of moderate activity, jogging or a fast walk, for three or four times a week can help you can help you stay disease-free by strengthening your immune system. Just an apple a day will not help to keep the doctor away if you are beyond 35 years! A little bit of a sweat out will also help to keep your waistline manageable!
The next thing I am going to suggest will definitely get me in to hot water if you take the present prices but say it I will!! Four to five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables will help you have that fresh, glowing and younger looking skin as well as a healthy body. So there!! A diet rich in antioxidants like broccoli, red peppers, cauliflower and other yellow, red and green vegetables that are high in vitamins A, C and E that fight the oxidation that damages your tissues.
Water is god’s gift to man king. Man has been trying to improve on it but it has been a sad failure so far!! Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water hydrates your skin and will flush your system of impurities that you have helped your body to accumulate.

Did you ever hear of your grandma applying sun-block before she went out to the market or to the temple in the morning? But now that we have gone and damaged the Ozone layer, Mother Nature is out to extract her pound flesh from us. Ultraviolet rays from the sun have the potential to damage your skin and also often result in dehydration. So we must apply a good sun block, according to your skin type, before going out in the sun especially if you plan to be in the sun for long.
Those who remain happy and avoid stress, look young and healthy. So, avoid stress by practicing relaxation exercises and thinking positive. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But how do you reduce stress? Unless you are a recluse or living on the excesses made for you by your parents? Well, what I do is take refuge in positive thinking looking to the teachings of the Enlightened One. Meditation also goes a long way in easing your mind.
If you could start your day with a morning walk, wouldn’t it be loverly?!! Not only will you feel fit and healthy, your self-confidence too will increase. Life will become a little   more tolerable. You will feel you are able to cope with the demands made on you. Time spent in walking means time taken off – you are safe for the time being - from the stresses of daily life.
Many diseases are linked to stress and negative thoughts. The process of aging also adds to our burdens. If we could remain young forever…..This is where we are taught to face life with equanimity with facing realities of life without losing your shirt for the simple reason there is not much we can do about it... Accept situations that you can't change and deal with the ones that you can
On a more mundane note,  ensure that your immunizations are up to date and that you have regular health examinations that are recommended for your age and be happy that you were born a human and not a cow or a puppy!!
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