Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Homosexuality is a natural human tendency

By Dr. Granville Dharmawardena,

PhD. (Cambridge)

The Health Minister of India, Ghulam Nabi Azad, has derided homosexuality an unnatural disease from the West (Island 6th July 2011). Our investigations show that it is not so. Homosexuality is a natural human tendency and definitely it is not a disease and it is not unnatural. Up to now psychology has not solved the problem why some men and women become homosexuals. Hypnotherapy, scientific research on rebirth and their consequences throw some light on this problem. In the past, discussing homosexuality in public was anathema. But it has existed in all societies and been practiced clandestinely. In today’s society it has become a subject that can be discussed in public and as a result gay activists have started asking for their rights including recognition of gay marriages.

We know that some ladies, when they are pregnant, develop either a strong desire to eat or reject a particular type of food and everybody normally help a pregnant lady to satisfy such a desire. Now we know that such a desire of a pregnant lady is to eat or reject a type of food that the baby in her womb was fond of or disliked in his/her past life. For example a lady who used to eat normal meals with fish and meat became a vegetarian when she was pregnant and after childbirth she reverted to her normal eating habits with fish and meat. The baby grew up to be a born vegetarian. Later it was found that that child had been a staunch vegetarian in his past life.

In this way when a person dies and is reborn he/she brings his/her past life desires with him/her to the current life. He/she not only tries to fulfil them after birth in the new life, but also compels his/her future mother to fulfil them to his/her satisfaction while in the womb. In the same way when a person dies and is reborn he/she brings to this life his/her sexual desires and lodges them in his/her reincarnate’s mind. Such desires remain hidden deep in the subconscious mind and surface when the child grows up and becomes sexually sensitive. Homosexuality happens when a very sexually active person dies and changes sex during rebirth.

When a male person dies and is reborn as a human being the reincarnate can be a man or a woman. Similarly, when a woman dies and is reborn as a human being, the reincarnate can be a woman or a man.

If a male person is reborn as a male person his desires derived from his present body’s sexual status are male desires, the desires in his mind which he has brought from his past life are also male desires and these reinforce each other. Then he will have a very strong male personality with fully blown up masculine needs. A girl getting married to such a man is very lucky and she will have a fully satisfied and contended married life. If a female is reborn as a female the case will be similar and she will have a personality full of femininity and female desires. A boy getting married to such a girl is very lucky and he will live a fully satisfied and contended married life. A majority of men and women belong to these two categories. There is a small percentage of people who change sex during rebirth. In such a situation the masculinity of a man and the femininity of a woman do not fully develop.

If a male person dies and is reborn as a female her body’s desires will be female and the desires in the depth of her mind will be male, and these two will be in conflict. These conflicting desires will, normally, fully or partly neutralize each other. If the present life female desires are partly neutralized she will have weak female desires, her femininity and sexual desires will be weak and she will not have much interest in boys. But she may get married due to social pressures. A boy who gets married to such a girl will not have much luck and will not have a satisfied and contended married life. If the two desires nearly neutralize each other the girl will not want sex or marriage and under compulsion she may get married an unlucky boy. If the male desires in the subconscious mind dominate, she will want to play a male role. Her interest will be in other girls and will get driven to homosexuality.

The same happens when a female person dies and is reborn as a male. The reincarnate will have either weak male desires or no male desires and the female desires coming from the past life will dominate and drive him to homosexuality.

Homosexuality, therefore, is a natural human tendency and is as natural as heterosexuality.

In Colombo I met a young lady who was a model in Sri Lanka and had been married for two years. At that time I was researching into the phenomenon of homosexuality and sex change during rebirth and therefore she revealed the details of the private aspects of her lives in her current life and her past life. Although she had been married for two years she had had no sexual contacts with her husband or anyone else. In her past life she had been a boy and had a girl friend at the age of 17 and they had been very active. She had changed sex during rebirth and therefore had no sexual desires in her current life. Her husband had been a girl in his past life. They had been very close friends in their past lives. He also had changed sex during rebirth and therefore had no sex needs. But because of their past life friendship they had got married and live together peacefully and in harmony despite having no sex.

A 15-year-old school girl in the South of Sri Lanka tried to start a gay relationship with another school girl. A teacher who noticed it severely reprimanded her. She got very frightened of the reprimand and as a result could not speak thereafter. Her parents who had got panicky over her dumbness consulted me. What I found was that she was a dumb boy in South India in her past life and died at the age of 17. In her life before the South Indian life she had been an illiterate boy selling fruits on the roadside in Bodhgaya in North India. Change of sex during rebirth had driven her into homosexual tendencies and the extreme fear of teacher’s reprimand had driven her to her past life dumbness as a form of defence. Her dumbness was corrected under hypnosis.

A 19-year-old girl told me that her body got highly worked up when another girl was very close to her, but had no sensitivity towards boys. She had changed sex during rebirth. Under hypnosis she was transformed to heterosexuality and thereafter she had a boyfriend.

A 28-year-old man who had interest in girls, but was very had a strong liking for boys could be changed over to heterosexuality under hypnosis.

Under these circumstances it is inhuman to denounce homosexuals as unnatural and diseased people and discriminate against them.
Courtesy - The Island