Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bridesmaids: Comic take on ladies-in-waiting

Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids may be a female-driven movie but it comprises a handful of genuine characters and some hilarious incidents which makes it an entertaining watch for audience from all walks of life.

Having lost her cake bakery business Annie is forced to share an apartment with a brother a sister who seems to be the incarnations of Tweedledee and Tweedledum in ‘Alice in Wonderland.’She sets about trying to regain her lost dignity and confidence by trying to organize the perfect wedding for her best friend Lillian but bad luck gets in the way yet again, this time in the form of a snobbish and rich beauty named Helen who is vying to become Lillian’s new best friend.

Together with the bride-to-be and her arch rival, Annie leads the rest of the bridesmaids, a hilarious group of conflicting personalities from the naïve and conservative Becca to the disillusioned mother-of-three Rita and overweight Megan, on a wild dance up the aisle so that we almost wonder if the wedding will actually take place in one piece.

One of the strongest aspects of Bridesmaids is the way the two leading ladies, Annie and Helen’s characters have been developed throughout the story. Annie is no heroine and Helen seems more apt for the title on the outlook but only the viewers are permitted to take a glimpse behind the scenes of her actions.
Though she handles matters tactfully, Annie goes by impulse so that her actions seem rude and filled with jealousy. This puts the latter in the bad light - a trump card that the former uses to turn matters in her favour. But in the end even Helen realizes that lifetime friendship bonds are hard to break as it is only Annie who is able to help Lillian get over her prenuptial jitters and see her safely down the aisle.

Though it has its ups and downs ‘Bridesmaids’ has some genuinely funny scenes. Annie’s futile attempts to outshine Helen lead to some hilarious moments which will make you splutter with laughter. The scenes in which she sneaks into the first class compartment of the plane, the moment when the bridesmaids and bride feel the after effects of a meal which they have had at a restaurant recommended by Annie and the way Annie tries to gain back the attention of Rhodes by trying to break every driving law possible, are some moments that are worth a mention.

‘Bridesmaids’ is more suited for adults as there is some sex scenes included in the movie. As the title suggests, it is more of a chick flick. However guys might find the adventurers of the fairer sex, which consists of hunting for bridesmaids’ gowns, bridal shower arrangements and pre-nuptial bonding among girlfriends, not quite up to their league. Therefore this is a movie which is best reserved to watch at a slumber party.
The movie is heralded by Kristen Wiig as Annie. She manages to pull off her act perfectly. She is funny and cheery at one minute and later transforms into a hot tempered and pathetic picture so that the audience does not know whether to sympathize with her or feel gleeful about her misconducts.

Wiig maybe the star of the show but her nemesis, Rose Byrne, who stars as the filthy rich Helen shines as well. Byrne carries off her role with perfect poise looking dashing as well as skillfully trying to overshadow Annie in every move.

The only outstanding male actor in the story is played by Chris O’Dowd who seems to be a potential love interest to Annie. However this part of the story comes second to the rivalry game between Annie and Helen.

Tough it ends in the typical alls well that ends well manner ‘Bridesmaids’ is worth checking out for its side-splitting farce.