Sunday, November 29, 2015

World Giving Index 2015 : Sri Lanka is Ranked 8th

According to the latest report of 2015 in the 'CAF' Index which categorises nations based on the quality of human generosity globalwise, Sri Lanka has gained 8th position among 145 countries in the world. This Index has been calculated on qualities such as hospitality, volunteer service and tendency towards monetary donations.

It is a special feature to note that the Buddhist country of Myanmar has been ranked in the first position in the Index this time. While America, Australia, England and the Netherlands have been placed within the second and seventh countries, Sri Lanka has been placed in the eighth position in the said Index.

This Index is being prepared annually by 'Charities Aid Foundation' International Organisation and the information provided by them is considered as important in utilising the information in the preparation of an Aid Programme in the world for various non-governmental organisations. It is mentioned in that report that 145 countries in the world have been subjected to a survey and approximately ninety-five percent of samples of the population of various countries have been represented. Eclipsing countries which could involve themselves in donations of wealth on a large scale, it has been mentioned in this Index that countries powerful in generosity on a religious and cultural foundation had ranked at the top of the Index. In accordance with this list, Sri Lankans have acquired the most number of plus points because she had come second in the quality of devoting their time on a volunteer-basis towards others. Where that quality is concerned, the first position goes to Myanmar.

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