Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sheep among wolves

The sheep family lived happily in that grassland adjoining thick jungle. The family of sheep consisted of a father, mother, two sheep kids and a newborn sheep who just managed walk about with its mother. Very often the sheep father used to warn his family about some impending disasters.

“You should be aware of a certain wolf who would come to our grassland. If that happens, the wolf would kill us. That will be our end.”

The members of the sheep family listened to what he said. But they seem to be living in a mood of relaxation in the vast grassland. They would from time to time watch

for the impending disaster.

“But I ask you to be only vigilant and do not be afraid. This may or may not happen. We should not be a prey to the wolf. We need to live happily.”

The newborn sheep kid did not understand a thing about what his father said. He went on clinging to the body of his mother. The father sheep had not only warned them

to the wolf, he also taught them how to be tactful in their hiding.

“I can run faster than a wolf,” said the father sheep, “your mother too can run faster.”

“But what can this little one do? He is still a tiny bundle.” Said the mother sheep.

“But surely you cannot do everything at the same time.” Father sheep said in a prophetic tone.

It so happened that the sheep father got to know from a reliable source that the wolf and his wife are roaming in the vicinity of the grassland together with a several

wolf cubs. It was a sunny day. The sheep father was relaxing under a spreading tree.

Then he heard the roaring sound of a wolf followed by some sound of wolf cubs.

“Oh, run and hide on the other side.” cried the father sheep. The mother sheep ran with her elder cubs, but in the rush she could not help the newborn.

“Oh my god, save my little one.” She cried.

The father sheep too hid himself. But he was vigilant about was going on. Then the wolf and the she wolf came to see a lonely newborn sheep cub left alone.

“Oh my dear, we cannot kill this little fellow.” Said the wolf mother in a sad tone.

The rest of the sheep have escaped as they must be hiding somewhere close to this one.” Said the wolf and sniffed to feel whether there is any sheep around. Meanwhile

the mother wolf took care of the newborn sheep. She in a sense of sympathy said, “I am going to feed you. But surely you do not belong to our species.”

Saying so the wolf mother allowed the little sheep to help her udder to suck milk. The little sheep was fond of the wolf milk. He felt no difference in the taste.

“If you are so fond of this little sheep, take him home. Let him grow up with our kids.” Said the wolf.

“Mind you, this is your new little brother. You got to look after him like one of your own.” Said the mother wolf to her cubs. As time went on, the little sheep grew

up with the wolf family. The members of the sheep family came to know about it. The mother sheep was happy in one way, but she missed her little on in another way.

“So let him live with the wolf family,” she decided.

One fine day as he grows up, he will come back to us, the sheep father declared.

Things happen in a strange manner. The little sheep stopped his bleating, wondering why his brothers don’t make his sound. Nobody said that he is a sheep. The mother

wolf did not want to feed him with meat and flesh of other animals saying, “You are a holy creature. As such you should partake of plants and leaves.”

As time went on, the little sheep who grew up with the wolf family, met a wolf uncle.

“Look, my dear son,” said the elderly wolf. “I want to confide you a secret.” He added.

“What is it?” the little sheep asked.

Then the elderly wolf took him along to a pond and said,

“Look, that is your shadow, can you see?”

“Yes, I can see.”

“What do you see?”

“I see the face of a sheep.”

“Understand now that you are a sheep. Look at my face. I am a wolf. You are lucky to have got a kind hearted wolf mother.”

Having realized his identity, the sheep who grew up with the wolves walked on in search of his family.
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