Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Australasia, what is this place and what lies ahead?

It was a convict colony sometime ago, created by a power which is not anymore!

That convict mentality still rules some of them, the bad and the ugly, and they are raping the land and enjoying what they think is for eternity of what GOD has given to the world! The good too are THERE but seem to be doing nothing about it YET!

This CANNOT go on, and the bad and the ugly WILL have to share it with REST of the world.

Remember, Australasia is a part of OUR world, and can accommodate 1 billion people and give them succour, food and energy with the greatest of ease. It is almost three times the size of INDIA and is NOT DESERT as many think. It is CULTIVABLE and can become and WILL BECOME the granary of the world! The Great Artesian basin aquifer, almost the size of India, lies under the earth of Australia and is the greatest deposit of freshwater in the world which CAN be recharged continuously (see Banisralia (1984) on the Internet), and which I believe soon will MAKE AUSTRALIA an integral part of this world, and one of its finest!

Australia is 7,682,300 square kilometres and has 23 million people!

India is hardly 3,165,600 square kilometres and has 1,269 million people!

The rest of South and South East Asia together, consisting of Afghanistan ,Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, The Maldives, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Taiwan, Malaysia, Papua, and the small other island states around is in area 6,400,000 square kilometres (smaller than Australasia), and has 939,000 000 people!

The above are the latest demographics from Wikipedia (22nd June 2012).

This is a VERY UNSATISFACTORY and DANGEROUS state of affairs in the world! I do NOT have to say it, ALL PEOPLE NEED SPACE TO LIVE!

I think it is time that the democratic government of the present KINGDOM OF AUSTRALIA heeds and changes its stance and ALLOWS all people to IMMIGRATE freely and without restriction into this continent! I believe seriously THAT if this is NOT done it WILL LEAD TO CONFRONTATION AND WAR. These are basic facts of ecology I am propounding!

I therefore kindly appeal to the present government of AUSTRALIA to think about it VERY seriously, and get the FEW to SHARE the resources with the MANY of the world, till such time 1 billion people occupy it!

Good Luck Australia and GOD SPEED!


Sunday Island by Gamini Samarasinghe