Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quiet: The Power of Silence

We are living in the world where we keep on talking, talking and talking. We often don’t think what we want to say, before we open our mouths because we are always in hurry to talk, despite thinking either it is meaningful or not, because we want to be called ‘extrovert’ (talkative, social person).

We talk too much. Unfortunately we haven’t had a single second to listen to anyone else or even to ourselves.

Just think for a while, what you like to eat or drink, what’s your favourite colour, from whose personality you got impressed, what you actually want, which thing gives you happiness, what brings a smile on your face. About 60-70% people’s answer will be a ‘question mark’.

We enjoy the music in full volume but our ears are unable to listen to the whisper and sometime even screaming of our heart, our soul or our inner self. We have time to talk or listen to others but we haven’t had a time for ourselves to listen to our inner self or to talk to our self.

Time for ourselves

Yet today we made room for remarkably narrow range of personality styles. We are told to be great is to be bold; to be happy is to be sociable.

We want to see ourselves as ‘extroverts’, which means we have lost sight of who we truly are. So, many people pretend to be extroverts while there is an introvert inside every one of us. We ignore the startling power of being quiet and pretend to be more talkative and social but at last we strike off from pretending we are extroverts.

It is okay to be social, bold and talkative but despite of all that, you must give some time to yourself. Be quiet for some time and just listen to yourself.

Keep silence and keep on listening yourself.

There is dignity in silence, which keeps you emotionally strong, and helps to meet to your soul, tells who really are you, what you can do.

That silence and quietness are drawn to the inner world of your thought and feelings, focus on the meaning of your life, meaning of your own feelings, thoughts, emotion, simply it whispers you to yourself.

Great thinkers

Great minds think alone and without those alone great thinkers the world would be devoid of:

The theory of gravity - Albert Einstein 
The theory of relativity - Isaac Newton 
The origin of species - Charles Darwin 
Google - Larry Page (cofounder) 
Apple - Steve Wozniak (cofounder)

And many more

These quitters change the world because Wisdom speaks loudest in silence. These personalities showed the power of being quiet and worked in solitude because solitude is a catalyst to innovation.

Talk to yourself

To know about yourself you must give time to yourself. Sit quietly and silently listen to yourself, may be it takes time but practice it daily, you will definitely be able to listen to yourself. Talk to yourself ask yourself what you actually want.

Quietness and silence makes your inner life rich, give power to your inner soul. Quietness has power in itself. It brings courage of lion although you are soft spoken; bring a firmly speaking style, able to talk reasonably, makes you soft and tough at the same time, teaches you what to say and how to say, produce self possession and power that did not need to flaunt itself.

Do not loss your centres, your inner self by being indulged with the meaningless noise of that world- the world which can’t stop talking.

Silence has sounds and often screams so, listen to the silence insides you. It has a quality and dimensions all its own, because silence is the source of great strength.

Remember that:

Successful people have two things on their lips - smile and silence.