Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Lost and found

By Ayodya Chinthani Bambaradeniya

I heard a faint clicking sound ringing near my ear. After a few more uncomfortable minutes in bed, I woke up with a sudden jerk to find that my alarm clock had disturbed my sleep. I could hardly open my eyes because the windows of my room were wide open to let the golden rays of sun shine into it.

I was angry at being woken up early in the morning and I wanted to switch it off at once. I wasn't very successful. My numb fingers knocked the clock off the table beside me. I heard it clatter on to the floor and knew it was no more.
Then I heard a loud disturbance that I had been completely unaware of. My younger sisters were rushing around, while our parents were trying to stop them. They were probably fighting about their "lost" toys. I didn't care about these things. I wasn't able to setle down to work because my faithful pet dog died. I let my thoughts travel back to the bitter past.

Shico was not only my pet but also my best friend. He was special to me. First of all, he was a canine and an adorable one at that. He was a cute little pup whom I met on the road side with a careless mother or master. I instantly felt sorry for him. I picked him up and took him home. That was the happiest day of my life, but the happy days did not last long.

One day my father decided to go on a trip to Kataragama. I felt sorry to leave my dog. Days passed and we visited many places. All was well until bad luck struck me and Shico. We came back home but "Shico" wasn't there.

My grandmother looked sadly at me. I realised something has happened. I searched for my Shico everywhere but I couldn't find it. "Did you see my puppy grandmother?" I asked. My grandmother slowly came near me." My darling, I don't know how to tell you this, but I have to tell you." she said. She told me the unfortunate and bad news about my pet. I couldn't believe it. I cried.

"What happened to you?" mother asked.

"Do you know mom, yesterday Shico had been playing on the road and suddenly Shico was run over by a car. He'll never come home again." I said. My family members tried to console me.

I couldn't believe how it had happened. He was an intelligent dog. I was angry about that stupid car driver and also about myself because I couldn't see it's body-I was too late. I went to my room slowly and closed the door. I pulled down my bed cover and pillows. I didn't want any thing. My mother asked me to open the door but I didn't want to listen to her. I was tired and I slept.

Days and weeks had passed, but I was ignorant about time. My daily routine was regular, it never changed. I spent most of my time in my bedroom looking at pictures of my pet dog and me.

My day-dreaming had to stop when I was summoned by my father to the living room, a place I hardly visit. Reluctantly as usual, I pulled myself out of the dark-cave.

I left my bedroom and slowly went down the stairs, wondering what it might be. I stayed a while outside the living room, listening to what it was about.

I slowly walked in there and at once I knew what I had been called for - a friendly bark greeted me as Shico jumped on to me and started licking my face as if it was crazy. Everyone called out "Happy Birthday". This pleasant surprise was followed by a delicious cake and soft drinks. I enjoyed the rest of the party and returned to my bedroom. This was the biggest surprise in my life.