Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Human emotion in three faces

Nilendra has an unusual approach in the case of feature film making; parallel to his television career. It is an anti-hero characterization of three under-privileged youths living in different social strata. They become more emotional when the war against the brutal terrorist group has been brought to an end. The three friends, all of a sudden, decide to go to the north which was saved from the terrorist control. For what purpose? To have a bath in a tank at Chalai in the northern province!

That itself shows the ridiculous way of thinking pattern and their act.

From there onwards, the theme makes a twist to a number of events that makes a drastic change in the lives of these three anti-heroes! Nilendra's theme is related to the backdrop of the whole country which is celebrating the war heroes who ended the terrorist menace.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, the three fellows become - not the merry makers of the given opportunity - victims of unexpected dilemma!

This is not a formula film of Indian origin, but of a western influence. Therefore it seems to be a novel experience to Sri Lankan cinemagoers. Nilendra's casting is also above average which exhibits his professional discipline.

The three main characters played by Kumara Thirimadura, Sarath Kotalawala and Namal Jayasingha is a change from the typical heroes we get to see often in Sinhala cinema. Kamal Addaraarachchi, Anoja Weerasingha and Swarna Mallawaarchchi are differently characterized. That is the positive attitude of professionalism. The filmmaker is aware of the fact that the Sri Lankan cinema should have different ways and means in the entertainment industry instead of the formula film.

A filmmaker shall not just throw away the trash in the name of feature film! It is still a big struggle in filmmaking.

Nilendra has the potential to go ahead with more experience. This is enough achievement that he must have a clear vision.

His visionary attitude must develop into more progressive thinking.

He should focus more - an in-depth study - on social issues at the grassroots level.

That is why I feel that the film's social thinking is a bit confusing. - Piyasena Wickramage